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Every month, Hazel Atlas News brings you the best in collecting, buying and selling depression glass, collectible glass and antique glassware. Whether you like cobalt blue, pink depression glass or green glass, the Hazel Atlas Glass Collectors news is the place to be! Remember your favorite glasswares from the 1950's? The glassware mom and grandma had in the kitchen. Learn more about the value, the prices and what pieces are the trendiest in the collecting world.

Hazel Atlas News is dedicated to sharing and educating collectors, buyers and sellers on what is popular, the history of Hazel Atlas and depression glass and what to watch for in reproductions. We even feature stories every month from collectors all over the USA and the world who share their collections through Hazel Atlas News. Also, join our facebook page at Hazel Atlas Glass Collectors and Like us! for more information on collecting!