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              Royal Lace was produced by the Hazel Atlas Glass company in Washington PA as early as 1934. This depression glass pattern is one of the most expensive and the most sought after of all the patterns in depression glass. The most desirable color is in the ritz blue, also known as cobalt blue. (Hazel Atlas had called their medium blue glass Ritz Blue in advertisements, however modern collectors refer to this color as cobalt blue).

The Royal Lace pattern was a full service pattern, meaning that production included every piece for a full service dinnerware setting. These pieces include dinner plates, lunch plates, cake plates, tumblers in two sizes, berry bowls and rimmed bowls, cup, saucer, salt and pepper, and a cream and sugar with lid. Serving pieces include pitchers, master berry bowls, serving bowls, large serving plates and platters and a butter dish.

Hazel Atlas Royal Lace Pitcher
The pattern is a repeating series of three roses inside a draped lace contour with intricate lacy floral design. This intricate pattern along with the desirable colors make it one of the few patterns in depression glass that has seen heightened popularity in the last several years. While many Hazel Atlas glass patterns have steadily risen in price the last decade, the Royal Lace pattern has seen the greatest jump in value and continues to maintain its collectible status.

The value of Royal Lace is not necessarily associated with it being a rare or hard to find pattern, it is mostly because of the high demand for this pattern of elegance. Many collectors are willing to pay more than current value to add certain pieces to their collection.

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Royal Lace Dinner Plate
Hazel Atlas Glass Royal Lace Plate

The dinner plate shown here is valued at $65-$70 in Ritz Blue, while the large pitcher with ice lip sells for around $150 in Pink. Even though many collectors insist on mint condition pieces, some items, like the butter dish are so hard to find, collectors will accept pieces with nicks and minor flaws for slightly less, usually 10% to 20% lower than current values. For example the royal lace ritz blue butterdish will easily sell for $600 even with minor infractions.

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Royal Lace Depression Glass
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