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Child Tea Sets

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              Officially, Hazel Atlas made three different sets of 'Little Hostess' Tea sets for children. The first two sets resembled Moderntone. One had three rings on the body of the cups, creamer and sugar. This set was called the Little Hostess. The next had two rings on the bodies and was called a 'Sierra Set', and the third and final set had no rings and resembled the Ovide pattern. This set was called New Century.

While the Sierra and Little Hostess sets are more valuable, the New Century set still has collectors, and is moderately priced. Pastel sets and New Century did not include a teapot or lid. Overall the Teapot and lid are the pieces that drive up the prices in this set.

The sets were organized into color schemes, and although some pieces are harder to find in certain colors, prices remain quite stable. Exception to this is the Pink teapot with Black lid, which is rare.

Boxes will command a higher price on these sets, usually bringing an extra $15 to $20.

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Earliest Little Hostess Set by Hazel Atlas

Above is the earlier set of the Little Hostess in an original box. This set contained the 'Moderntone' style (3 rings on the body). To the left, the pictures show the later box styles, where the caption in the box reads 'A Sierra Set like Mothers'

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Childrens Tea Sets by Hazel Atlas
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