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              This simple mark was the trademark used on the majority of Hazel Atlas Glass. Although not every piece produced by Hazel Atlas bore the mark, this was the only mark used on their glassware except on a few rare pieces with the name PLATONITE.

It is uncommon to find any of the depression era patterns in transparent colored glassware to have the HA mark however, many of the clear glass pieces will. There is occasionally a DOT above the H, this is rumored to be glass that was produced at the Hazel #1 plant in Washington, PA.

Later pieces of Hazel Atlas that were produced after the Continental Can Co. takeover will bear both the HA mark and occasionally the CCC mark for Continental. The later pieces by Continental were referred to as HazelWare.

There is no significant difference in prices of pieces that are marked or unmarked. The value of Hazel Atlas pieces are rarely determined by the marking.

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Hazel Atlas Mark

Primarily the mark is consistent with a block style capital 'A' inside the curved leg 'H'. Many companies would have design changes in their logo or mark over the course of years, however Hazel Atlas' mark remained the same from the early 1900s to the late 1950s.

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Hazel Atlas Glass Mark
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