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Pastel (Moderntone)

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              Hazel Atlas Glass produced the Moderntone pattern in more than just the transparent colors. The most popular was the pastel colors, which seemed to fit into the kitchen motif of the 1940s and 1950s. The colors consisted of Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow, all in a soft pastel color.

Every piece imaginable was made in the Pastel Moderntone, including serving pieces, salt & pepper and creamer and sugar. You will find several pieces are marked with the HA logo.

The pastel colors were also used in a few limited pieces other than the Moderntone pattern. The most unique of the Moderntone pastel is the tumblers, which are quite difficult to obtain (and usually sell for about $8-$10 each).

Prices have steadily climbed in the last 10 years on the Pastel, acquiring a set will not break the bank. However, you should expect to pay a little more for the mint condition pieces.

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Salt Shakers in all 4 Pastels

Accumulating a complete set in the variety of colors, is not too difficult. Each place setting would be one color of the four, with a variety of colors for the serving pieces.

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Moderntone Pastel Hazel Atlas
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