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Ships (Sailboats)

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              The 'Ships' pattern was introduced in the early 1950s as a beverage set. A set like this was shown on the original 'I Love Lucy' TV show starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Originally, the white ships were on the blue glass pieces, however it has is found with red ships on blue glass, and a red tumbler with white ships and stars.

Above is a small ice bucket, part of the extended beverage set which also included whiskey glasses, a cocktail shaker and even 'rock' glasses.

A rare cake plate has been found as well as a dinner plate with the Ship motif. Both of these plates sell in the $50-$60 range each. Tumblers and the Ice bucket are probably the most common pieces. The ribbed tumblers may sell for slightly more, while the ribbon pitcher sells for about twice the plain one.

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Ships Beverage Set on Rare Ribbon Pitcher and Ribbed Tumblers

This is a nice set to serve lemonade or iced tea when hosting, and acquiring a set is not all that difficult. However prices tend to fluctuate largely because of the desire for the blue glass. The white ships and 'seagulls' will occasionally become stained or wear away with rough usage. Prices should be paid accordingly.

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Ships and Sailboats by Hazel Atlas
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