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Florentine (Poppy)

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              The Florentine pattern was manufactured by Hazel Atlas glass company beginning in 1934. An original catalog sheet showed this pattern as a plain edge pattern, and later in the early 1940s with a scalloped edge. The original color in the 1934 catalog was pink, while yellow, crystal and green came later. (An occasional rare piece can be found in the iridescent gold, carnival glass color)

The Florentine pattern includes every piece for a complete place setting and serving pieces, including an unusual gravy boat (found only in yellow). This pattern also includes the early cream soup bowls, a two-handled bowl used for soup.

The Florentine pattern is comprised of a repeating pattern of poppies, intertwined with a vining pattern. The pattern is embossed and usually is very descript and bold. It is commonly called poppy, although the official name is Florentine.

Yellow is the most common color found and therefore usually does not bring as handsome a price as the most sought after, Pink. Green plates in all sizes are the most common piece to find. Crystal usually does not command high prices, however an iridescent tumbler like the one shown is one of the rarest pieces.

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Florentine Grill Plate

Above is the Grill plate, made popular in the early 1950s and chiefly used in restaurants. The puprose of the divisions in the plate was to seperate the entree from the vegetable and the desert which would be in the smaller compartments. This Grill plate has the scalloped edge.

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Florentine Depression Glass
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