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              The Ribbon pattern is in the same mold form as Cloverleaf and Ovide, making this pattern a nice fill in for pieces missing in your collections of those patterns. The black is hard to find and only a few pieces are known. Crystal is not as popular as the green and pink, but it can be found occasionally. The pink is quite nice, but don't plan on collecting a set, and if you do find any Pink Ribbon, grab it! Most popular is the green as it was the primary color made. The lunch plates, cups and saucers are easily found so putting together a set in green will be no problem. Since this pattern does not show up often at Shows, you should ask for it.

A complete set including dinner plates, cups and saucers, and tumblers, as well as salt, pepper, creamer and sugar is found in the ribbon pattern. Predominant color is green.

The pattern is very simple, it has a raised Ribbon-like pattern throughout the piece. Note the pattern may seem similar to Hazel Atlas Block at first, however, the Ribbon pattern has straight lines with no separations.

Most pieces in this pattern are easily acquired for under $10, although the candy jar pictured usually sells for $35-$40.

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Ribbon Candy Jar with Lid

Above is a covered candy dish, notice this shape is identical to cloverleaf. Using this pattern as a fill-in for missing pieces in other patterns is always a unique idea.

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Hazel Atlas Ribbon Pattern
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